NO It´s not a typo, we simply sell it at crazy discounted price for a limited time, that´s it!
Read what all the fuzz is about as we go through the 1bet365 betting script you can buy from the betting script section in our shop.

Create your own 1bet365 website

Built in php with mysql database and clean code structure makes this betting script a easy to manage and for you to run your own online betting website.
Head over to our betting script shop and have a look at the demo!
Picture this, add your own logo, change some text to fit your needs and you are all set ready to promote your own betting website.
The best part might just be that we actually have a crazy super cheap price for this script and it´s not because its a poorly made betting script, we just like the idea of providing well done betting scripts at resonable prices for our customers to buy.

1bet365 powerful admin features

Manage players, deposits, bets and everything else related to the 1bet365 betting script all from a sleak and easy to manage administration panel.
Agent managment system included to manage agent players with comission rates.

Manage live and upcomming matches and create tournaments from the adminpanel.
Hide – Void – Turn of bets – create limits and control every aspect of the betting.
Possibility to ban unvalid players and set restrictions across the website.
The 1bet365 betting script fetches odds data from who offers a monthly  pay as you go plan and charge no income revenue from your total earnings.
Also worth mentioning, the odds data provider also don´t require any agreements or verifications from you. 

Bkash ready!

Fully ready to go – just connect your Bkash and start accepting deposits from players.
If needed, you can add any other payment gateway you would require as the betting script comes with full development open source code without limitations, meaning you can add, tweak, customize and modify anything you want.
It´s also possible for you  to hire us for any custom modifications at resonable cost. 

Ready to install betting script

For the price we are asking of the 1bet365 betting script comparing to the amount of development and testing hours, to implement the full odds data structure and create the entire admin backend control enviroment – comparing to the price we ask for it,
It´s a truly amazing offer and well worth every dollar spent and will save you 
numerous of hours (even months) if you would decide to build your very own betting script source code platform from the grounds up.
With our script, you can be online and ready TODAY accepting bets and earning money from your players!

1bet365 betting script is on SALE!