YES it´s official, we have the crazy popular betfiery casino script available in our shop.
Full open source code, easy to follow – step by step installation guide included and from here you can focus in growing your online casino success.
The Betfiery casino script is written in php laravel / Mysql and very simple for any mid/skilled php developer to understand and to configure your own tweaks and additional modifications.

First thing´s first, feel free to head over to our casino section in our casino scripts shop and check out the demo of the script, its truly a modern, sleak and eye catching,
ready for business!
The total download is a bit over 100mb, makes the script easy to manage and will not cause any heavy loading on your server which is great since the website will load faster and your player will experience a quick, easy gameplay on your website.

Top hot popular casino games

As you probaly already know (and perhaps looking for) the Betfiery casino script comes with popular games such as Crash – Battle – Mines – Roulette – Dice & Tower
and these games are built into the script and to explain things easy, you will earn 100% from all player losses.
Basically if you have a player loosing $10 on your casino website = $10 your profit!
You don´t pay any 3:rd party revenue percentage based on these games 
as you get 100% true profit revenue on every game with loss.
Crash game is going crazy viral so it´s a good oppurtunity to chip in and create your own casino website and gererate a good income revenue on the business model to run your own online casino website. 

Change the graphics as you like

All images store in the Betfiery casino script are located in the folders of the script and you can open and replace the UI graphic images and design with any photo editing software such as Photoshop or any other program you prefer and this way you can easilly re-brand the entire design structure and create your own fully customized front end layout in order to stand out from the crowd and attract the clients you are targeting.

Powerful admin panel in Portuguese

This is where the magic happens, the heart of the Betfiery casino script and you can set it all to be fully automated, manage players and change win ratio in order to control maximum win possibilities so you don´t go bankrupcy.
Transfer virtual fund to any player account, add bonus and create events and freespin games to keep your valued players comming back for more to play.

The system also have BOT player managment,
Eaven if you have no real player online at all you can set up unlimited virtual players with timers and limits,
this way when you look at the website as visitor you will see people (bots) are fully active and winner tickets will be shown popping up on the site and creates a dazzling and attractive urge for people to join in and try the luck for themselves too.

PIX payment added!

The script is already set and ready for PIX payments, all you need to to is to connect your PIX payment account keys in the script and its fully possible to accept PIX payments for players to make deposits on your casino website.

Paggue – Mercadopago – Lugu – EzBank

Just pick any of the banks, add your api keys from your bank into the script settings and you are 100% ready to accept real money deposits from your players with PIX payments for Brazil.
It cannot be easier then this, just install the Betfiery casino script, change your logo to match your new domain name and make some configurations and you can be online simple and easy today!

Affiliates module included

Let your registred players invite new players and earn a comission from your casino website – You decide refferal bonus and comission rates and you can also set individual comission rates for each affiliate account.
When a new player register an account they will earn any percentage of your choise based on the losses from the new player – or a flat fee comission set by you.

Affiliate marketing itself is not only for casino players as you can also use affiliate networks to promote your casino website and keep track of all players, deposits and revenue earnings.
This is a true WIN WIN for both you and the affiliate marketeer and a extremely popular way for both you and the affiliate to reach new heights on the total income revenue. 

Portuguese language ready

If you are targeting Portuguese language – no need to translate – it´s all done!
Full frontend design, games, affiliate and all settings plus the entire admin backend
is 100% translated – you do not need to translate one single word except if you like to make something custom.
Even better: if you want to have your casino website translated into another language you can easilly change the php files and translations in order to add any language you want as no parts of the entire source code structure is locked or encrypted.
Create unlimited websites and customizations you like from one single Betfiery script purchase – no need to purchase additional script.

This script is on SALE!